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Outdoor Fitness Equipment - About us

Our company name is Imaginationplay based in Melbourne, Australia.

We are a complete supplier of commercial playground equipment including our exciting outdoor fitness equipment for adults and children.

With innovative designs and a strong focus on fitness ability items for all ages we are the company you turn to when trust matters.

10 good reasons why you should choose Imaginationplay.

  1. Imaginationplay start off by using the very best first class quality certified raw materials. This ensures that our customers receive the brightest and highest quality products for their outdoor fitness equipment
  2. All of our steel tubing contains a corrosion resistant coating on the interior of the tube and a galvanized coat is applied to the exterior of the tube to eliminate rusting.
  3. 5" and 4.5" diameter post systems offer the largest capacity for your outdoor fitness equipment.
  4. Powder-coat finish is applied to provide a bright, smooth and hard-colour that won't chip or scratch in time.
  5. Imaginationplay use only tamperproof and corrosion-resistant stainless steel hardware.
  6. Massive choice of plastic colours and designs with super durable UV stabilizers added resulting in more resistant to colour fading.
  7. Rotationally moulded plastics ensuring an even distribution of plastic moulding on our entire outdoor fitness equipment range
  8. Stainless steel connection tabs that resist deterioration and rust.
  9. Using the latest 3d software you can see your exciting ideas before you buy. High tech 3d programming ensuring you can see exactly what your design will look like with full colour 3d animations and superimposing your design into your proposed area.
  10. Why not contact us today and request one of our exciting brochures comprising of many different designs focused on fitness and fun. You can also request a consultant to come out and measure up your area to see what best fits.



Please note: We have sales consultant's Australia wide so please don't hesitate to contact our staff today for more information.

Phone: (03) 9738 1767

Fax: (03) 9720 2490




We don't just manufacture outdoor fitness equipment. Have a look below at some of our other services we can offer you with outstanding customer satisfaction.


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